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Smoking cessation programs benefit patients prior to joint replacements

Date: 10 May 2017

Smokers who needed a hip or knee replacement experienced better surgical outcomes and fewer adverse events including hospital readmissions, surgical site infections and blood clots if […]

Degree of spinal deformity affects hip replacement surgery success

Date: 10 May 2017

People with spinal deformity also requiring a total hip replacement are at greater risk for dislocation or follow-up revision surgery, suggesting that these higher-risk patients may […]

Hip dysplasia: When is surgery required?

Date: 10 May 2017

Hip dysplasia is a condition in which the top portion of the thigh bone doesn’t fit properly in the socket portion of the hip joint – […]

Obesity and total joint arthroplasty: Time to examine needs in a different light

Date: 10 May 2017

The prevalence of obesity in the general population is increasing. Obesity is estimated to affect approximately one-third of adults in the United States. It is estimated […]

Imaging identifies cartilage regeneration in long-distance runners

Date: 13 Apr 2017

Using a mobile MRI truck, researchers followed runners for 4,500 kilometers through Europe to study the physical limits and adaptation of athletes over a 64-day period, […]

Men and women show sex-specific improvements after hip replacement

Date: 13 Apr 2017

Outcomes such as pain, function, range of motion, and strength after total hip arthroplasty, or joint replacement surgery, are different for men and women, which could […]

Robotic Total Knee Arthroplasty: Surgical Assistant for a Customized Normal Kinematic Knee

Date: 09 Aug 2016

Robotic-assisted surgery aims to improve TKA by enhancing the surgeon’s ability to optimize soft tissue balancing, reproduce alignment, and restore normal knee kinematics. Read more Source: […]

Study to evaluate outcomes of different hip replacement techniques using mobile gait analysis system

Date: 09 Aug 2016

Researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) have launched a pilot study using a portable gait analysis mat to determine early outcomes of several different hip […]

How a 3D printer could mean a breakthrough for joint-replacement surgery

Date: 09 Aug 2016

Since last summer, Ranganathan and his team — consisting of Jill Sharkey, a member of Rowan University’s class of 2017, and Ridwan Murshed, a Rowan grad […]

Wearable neuromuscular device may help reduce ACL injuries in female soccer players

Date: 09 Aug 2016

Using a wearable neuromuscular device can reduce the risk of ACL injury in female soccer athletes, according to new research presented today at the American Orthopaedic […]

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