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Dr. Whiddon is a very gifted surgeon. I had a total knee replacement done in March of 2018. This was outpatient. In @ 6am home by 1pm. Amazing results! Walking without assistive devices after 2 weeks. Dr. Whiddon called me the night before to cover any concerns I had. I highly recommend doing Physical Therapy exercises prior to surgery, helps speed the recovery process. Pain before surgery 6-7,post surgery 1-2, now 5 weeks later not even taking Tylenol! Dr. Whiddon uses current technology like computer assisted surgery & home compression & ice machine. He is a masterful expert in his field! Thanks P.s. I’m a 60 years old & now feel 40! - Ken Sherman
Dr Whiddon performed my total knee replacement on April 11,2016. I can not say enough good things about him. I have never before been to a Dr who who so caring , attentive, and always there for you. His staff is also fabulous. If you need anything they are right there for you, I was so apprehensive prior to the surgery but he put me at ease. Now that it is all behind me I think back and it was a piece of cake. The scar is beautiful you can hardly even see it. I would highly recommend him. - Virginia R.
Wow what a tremendous life changing experience! I went to see Dr Whiddon as a referral from my primary Physician and as I'm very cautious and skeptical I found that not only did Dr. Whiddon spend the necessary time with me but he certainly put me at ease. Dr Whiddon indicated I would need a hip replacement either now or in the very near future, as skeptical as I was he said he didn't want a decision then. Actually he said read the materials he provided me, visit some of the websites he also provided and then discuss it with my wife. As skeptical as I was I decided like I always do get a second opinion, so after visiting another orthopedic surgeon who is also very well known in the Tampa area I was totally insulted how this Dr. had treated and talked to me. I then went back to Dr Whiddon which he spend a tremendous amount of time answering questions and putting me at ease. I would tell everyone everyday and all day that I have never experienced a Physician that has such an incredible bedside manner as Dr Whiddon has, I therefore decided to have a total hip replacement on January 29, 2018 and here it is February 15, 2018 and free of pain and normal. I must also say all along as most people might be very reluctant or skeptical prior to the surgery I was as well however the night before the surgery I received a call from Dr Whiddon asking me if I had any questions or concerns. We has talked for maybe 10 - 15 minutes and I felt much better knowing I had a Dr. that was actually concerned about my feelings rather than only caring about doing the surgery. If your are considering or even looking for a second opinion you owe it to yourself to see Dr Whiddon to get the straight scoop. I have referred 2 of my best friends and I have actually scheduled to have my other hip replaced in April. I'm looking forward to an unbelievable pain free summer enjoying things I haven't been able to do in a long while. Thank You Dr. Whiddon!!! - Ron Maiden
I am 5 weeks post-op from my anterior total hip replacement performed by Dr. David Whiddon and doing fantastic. My experience so far has exceeded my expectations. I am 55 year old tennis player who slowly became removed from the game due to excessive hip pain making playing unbearable. Simple tasks such as tying my shoes brought me to tears. I had exhausted all my options including extensive physical therapy and three fluoroscopy guided hip injections with little to no improvement. From my first visit with Dr. Whiddon and his staff I knew I had found my doctor. His undivided attention during my office visits made me feel like I was his most important patient and is something that sets him apart from the crowd. Dr. Whiddon helped me set a plan for my rehabilitation and my goal is to be playing tennis on my team in approximately 3 months. I had my surgery on February 15th, walked out the door using a walker the same day and headed home to start my rehab. I was able to lose the walker and start using a cane within 3-4 days. I have been walking, walking, and walking every day as requested by my doc. I am walking 3-4 miles a day with little to no use of the cane and will be returning to work on Monday. I have had two tennis player friends recently diagnosed with needing a hip replacement and I told them to do their due diligence and make sure they visit Dr. Whiddon before choosing a surgeon. Looking back my only regret would be not hesitating and doing the surgery earlier as I would already be back on the tennis courts. My advice for anyone needing THR surgery is to do your homework and make sure you include Dr. Whiddon in your search. He was highly recommended by several doctors in the area and now I know why. Dr Whiddon was the only choice for me! - Henry H.
Dr. Whiddon performed a total knee arthroplasty on me on the 28th of March, 2016. Just two weeks post-operatively, I am pain free and have excellent range of motion. I could not be more pleased in having chosen Dr. Whiddon as my Orthopaedic surgeon as his expertise has made an amazing difference in my life. Prior to surgery, I was in constant pain and could no longer enjoy cycling or hiking as I had in the past. In fact, even my enthusiasm for wildlife photography had waned due to the excruciating pain I suffered from long hours on my feet. Such is no longer the case. Thanks to Dr. Whiddon I am already back outdoors with my camera and closer to participating in other activities that were once curtailed by pain. Not only would I highly recommend Dr. Whiddon for his exceptional level of Orthopaedic expertise, but also for his outstanding “bedside manner.” This is a physician who really listens to his patients and treats them with compassion. I will be having him perform the same surgery on my right knee in the very near future and I have every confidence that I am in the best hands possible. - Sharon A.
I’m a 58 yr old male who had suffered with arthritis in both my hips for several years. I work as a nurse and so, do a lot of walking and standing on the job. By September 2014 the pain had become unbearable and I decided I’d had enough. I chose to work with Dr Whiddon because of his expertise in the anterior approach in hip replacement surgery. Upon my first appointment with him, I knew I’d made a good choice. He’s a personable and caring physician and I liked him right off.

I was excited to learn that I qualified for outpatient hip replacement surgery and so in late October my first surgery was completed at the Long Leaf Outpatient Surgical Center in New Port Richey. After discharge, Dr Whiddon ensured the home health physical therapist and nurse arrived at my home as planned. He called me to follow-up on how I was doing and encouraged me to follow his discharge orders, which I did because I wanted to recover quickly as possible.

From day one to day three, I used a walker. After that a cane until about 7 days at which time I did not need the cane anymore. The rehab for a hip is pretty simple…lots of walking and some added exercises given by the physical therapist.

Five weeks after the first hip replacement, I had my second done and pretty much everything went just as it had the first time.

It is now five weeks since my second surgery and recovery has gone well. All the terrible pain which drove me to seek hip replacement is now gone. It’s so exciting to be able to walk, swim and bicycle again, without pain. I am also excited that soon, I’ll be able to dance again with my wife.

My advice to you, if you are suffering with hip (or knee) pain is to make an appointment with Dr Whiddon and get the facts from an experience orthopedic surgeon. I’m certain that you too will be glad you did.
- Dan B.
I recently found myself in need of a total hip replacement due to the effects of a rare, very complicated, coexisting disease. As a Registered Nurse for 29 years, I knew what to expect and the Orthopedic Surgeon had to meet certain criteria. My primary care doctor suggested I see Dr. David Whiddon. He was relatively new to the area, but he had been hearing nothing but good things from patients who saw him. Add me that that list of happy patients because Dr. Whiddon and his support team not only met my high expectations, but they exceeded them! - A Happy Hip!
As a 67 year old man I had been suffering stabbing knee pain, groin and shin pain for over a year, I was very lucky to have found Dr Whiddon. He performed a total left hip replacement and immediately after surgery all my pain was gone. His procedure is so innovative I got rid of the walker in one day and the cane after day 3. I was back to the golf course in 5 weeks, all my friends call me the bionic man. It so good to live the active life style again without nagging pains. Thank you Dr Whiddon. - Jim M., Trinity
I am 70 years old. My husband has bone cancer. I have to be strong to do the things at our home that need to be done. My knee has been painful for years. Some time ago I had meniscus surgery. It helped for a while, then progressed to where it was painful when walking, sitting, etc. Dr. Whiddon gave me so much confidence and he had such respect from the rehab hospital and his peers. I am so glad I had the surgery. Because of my orthopaedic care, I can kneel in my yard to pull weeds. - Lois J.
You know how a new car looks. - Connie W.
Total left hip / Total right hip replacement by Dr. David Whiddon

In 2002 I was told that ‘someday’ I would need both of my hips replaced. Having been active in sports and fitness most of my life, of course, I was in denial. Even to the point of barely being able to walk ten years later. Struggling to take a few steps not only took its toll on me, but my wife and family as well.
The pain became unbearable, as bone-on-bone allows no relief, whether standing, sitting or lying down. Then one day recently, a Physical Therapist friend saw my condition and recommended that I see Dr. Whiddon, for which I quickly made an appointment. Dr. Whiddon explained the anterior approach, which made sense to my wife who works in the medical field. I was sold on it, but perhaps mostly because I had given up on anything else.
Dr. Whiddon performed each hip replacement eight days apart, to which I was a little skeptical. I wasn’t sure at my age and condition that I could recover quickly enough from one to be ready for the other. However, my doubts and concerns were quickly erased as I was bearing nearly 100% of my weight on the first hip replacement in no time. The second one came along and outside of temporary muscle and surgical area soreness, I was completely pain free. Something I could have never imagined possible.
Two weeks after the surgeries I was back in the gym working out. Starting very lightly, but the strength increases, stability, endurance and flexibility began to develop rapidly. As a former strength coach, I had a slight advantage in knowing how to work these areas, but I was astonished at how easy and effective it was.
I do not know the ins and outs of the technology, and I won’t be entering squat and dead lift contests, but I have a life again. I can walk. I can tie my shoes. I can mow the lawn. I can carry out the garbage. I can stand, sit, walk, pick something up from the floor, shower and shave PAIN FREE. It is a miracle, and I will tell anybody my story, in the hopes that they could benefit in the same way. Because of my orthopaedic care, I can do things I haven't done in years and dream of doing things I thought I would never do again.
- Marty Mitchell
Two hip replacements by Dr. David R. Whiddon, MD, FAAOS

They say 60’s are the new 40’s but for me I was in my 80’s. My mobility was almost to a complete stop.
I was ‘walking’ with two canes and tremendous pain; any movement took great effort. I went to work and home only. I couldn’t stop at the grocery store, couldn’t do things with my friends, and I was ready to give up.
I knew I would have to quit my job and figured I would be just at home waiting to die.
I spoke to my family physician about a pain medication, Alleve-even 6 to 8 a day-didn’t numb the pain. We decided to do x-rays before adding serious medication. When I got the call that I was being referred to a surgeon for possible hip replacement, I couldn’t have been happier. It meant to me that there might be hope.
Dr. Whiddon scheduled my surgeries three weeks apart; left hip first then the right one. I was slightly concerned but the thought of what I might be getting back moved me forward. The first surgery went without issue. I was up and walking that evening and in physical therapy the next day.
Two days after the surgery I was permitted to go home and recoup until time to do the other hip. I did my exercises faithfully everyday and followed doctors orders to the letter. Now I was walking with only one cane and waiting for a new matching hip. My second surgery went just a well. This time I was doing steps on the third day and a week later I wasn’t using the cane all the time. It’s now four months later and life couldn’t be better. I have been blessed to get my life back but this time without any pain.
I can do all those things I couldn’t before and who would have ever thought stopping at the grocery store could be a joy. So now my new 60 is 30. I’ve signed up for tap dance lessons and can’t wait to get on with my life. Any surgery can be scary but if you do your research, talk to and trust your doctor, and keep a positive attitude you can have the same success I have experienced. Would I do it again if I had to? In a New York minute! Because of my orthopaedic care, I was given back my life.
- Mary Anne Ragland

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